fresh strawberries held out from the garden

Reimagining Your Fruit

Happy 2022, everyone! We thought we'd start the year with a recommendation from Heather Lounsbury, one of our friends who happens to be a nutrition expert.

She advised starting our mornings with fruit drinks. This could be anything from fresh squeezed strawberries mixed with water to homemade smoothies (which taste great with some blended crisps). The idea is to cut out sugary drinks and sodas, replacing them liquified all natural fruits. 

According to Heather, the benefits natural fruit drinks can have long lasting effects and improve your health substantially over the new year.


Some of the benefits she listed include...

* Increased absorption of water and hydration of the lymphatic system

* Internal clean outs to support the liver’s ability to flush away toxins

* Alkalizing the body leading to less inflammation and disease

* Metabolism stimulation, which can be especially helpful for those prone to constipation

* Increased vitamin intake to maintain a strong immune system and youthful skin

What could be simpler? Taking your fruit (or crisps) and reimagining them in a new way to build wellness and strength. It can be an easy resolution to keep up with, as look towards a healthier 2022!

Live natural. Live well.

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