Nature's Turn is family owned and run with a passion for being outdoors and enjoying nature. As new parents in 2011, we set out to ensure our new little one (not so little now) had an abundance of safe nutritious foods and snacks with simple ingredients. 

Why are these types of foods so expensive and hard to find?

We asked ourselves these types of questions. That's when we decided to start Nature’s Turn with a commitment to using naturally plant-based, Non-GMO ingredients in facilities free from the Top-12 most common allergens. 

In our local communities, we were saddened to learn about the increasing numbers of families experiencing food insecurity and that most affordable meals available lack nutrition for children's minds to learn and bodies to grow, leading to developmental problems throughout life.

Our family was compelled to help. Since day one, Nature's Turn partners with our local food pantries, periodically giving away our highly nutritious snacks; as well as, creating access to our products through discount retail outlets to ensure there are quality choices available to everyone.  

We call it our BETTER-FOR-EVERYONE MISSION - Creating delicious, better-for-everyone foods while promoting the benefits of eating healthy and being outdoors as much as possible...while remaining socially responsible and financially viable. 

With your continued support, we humbly aspire to advance our mission. Today, Nature's Turn is a leading producer of freeze-dried fruit crisps across North America. We understand with that comes responsible sourcing practices, staying mission-focused and transparency must always be the cornerstones of our family business. 

Thank you for your trust and interest in who we are and what we're about. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to go to our Contact Us page and inquire further. Enjoy. Naturally.