Yellow and white 'Nature's Turn' Freeze-Dried Strawberry Banana Crisps package, with polka-dotted fruit illustrations, '100% Fruit', 'No Sugar Added', 'No Additives' labels, and tear notches at the top. Net weight listed as 15g (0.52oz).
Back of 'Nature's Turn' Strawberry & Banana Crisps packet with detailed freeze-drying info, ingredients, nutrition facts, 'Each bag = 6 strawberries + 1 banana' note, and storage instructions.

Strawberry Banana Crisps

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Strawberries, Bananas


  • 100% Fruit, No Sugar Added
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • Certified Kosher
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Naturally Vegan & Paleo Friendly
  • Allergen-Free Facility: FREE from the Top 11 Allergens (Peanut, Tree Nut, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Wheat, Sesame, Shellfish, Fish, Mustard, and Gluten Free)

* This is a natural product; may contain seeds, pits, stems, and color may vary


We clean, slice and freeze freshly picked strawberries and bananas. Next, over 90% of the water is evaporated in a vacuum chamber. The freeze-dried strawberries and bananas are inspected and moved into air-and-moisture proof packages to retain nutrition and freshness. This simple drying process creates a crispy, light, nutritious snack ideal for anyone on-the-go, refueling on-the-trails, school lunches; and delicious in cereal, yogurts, smoothies, trail mix, salads, baking, etc.